Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good times

It has taken me 7 minutes to actually get to this site and start writing this post. holy fuck i hate these pay-for internet places.
 anyway yesterday started around 11 am even though i haad said to my brother i had to leave around 9. yeah i'm unreliable like. He had given me a room that fully resembled harry potters room underneath the stairs in the first few books. this was a problem because it had no window and my body just decided to not wake up because it it was still pitch black in the room at 11. so i did eventually get up get my shower gather up my now clean clothes (woooo clean clothes) and set out to leave. matt drove me out to a small town called winton to catch a ride out  i was pretty happy about getting a ride so far out (took about 20 mins) until i realised the massive pizza that my brother girlfriend made me for the trip was sitting back at the house.
It was a sad sad time.
I got out and stood by the road bid farewell to matt and held out my sign.

ok. i have like 10 minutes left so this wil;l just be a quick overview of what happened so that i can come back later and add stuff.

i got picked up by a father and his son going from winton to Te anau to see the glowworm caves his son had come down from dunedin to be with his dad for a bit of the holidays it was pretty sad because the father was trying to talk to the kid but he wasnt saying anything. which made conversation a little... boring i guess. i really hate having boring rides because i feel like because im the hitchhiker my purpose is to entertain the driver and everyone else witrh my stunning personality. Conversations,however are a  two wayt hings and if they dont say much then what do i have to build off?
anyway. they dropped me off in te anau and i cooked some noodles for lunch by the side of the Lake. Everyone looked at the starnge hobo looking man sitting by the lake cooking but i didnt really give too much of a shit. those nboodles rocked.
it was about 12 or so by that time and i tried to hitch into milford sound for about 3 hours. i realised it wasnt happening so i flagged it and walked to the road to queenstown.
took about 40 minutes before i got picked up by a nice lady who owns a place in Te Anau (Birchwood cottage. go there and repay her kindnesss for me :)) we talked the whole way there and it was great because finallly here was aperson who i actually had a good long conmversation

ah! 2 mins
uh./. got dropped off in 3 rivers then picked up within a minute by a surfer and his son who was friends with Mr cristella. small world. he said there was probably qwork in cromwell and so i thought oh shit maybe i could get some work but if i cant i can probably gho find luke and have a bed at his aunts. so i got dorpped of in queenstown picked up by two asians who took me to cromwell. no interent when i got to cromwell so i couldnt post this yesterday fuck 30 seconds... uhh it was great the asian couple were reallyu inetretsun


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