Sunday, October 3, 2010

To me this isn't just a funny picture. Alot of people would look at that and just laugh then forget about it. Somehow it passes past their mind that what is described within this clipping is utopia. Every person wants to have plentiful food, Every person wants to feel like they have achieved something and everyone wants to feel like they belong.

In our society its hard to find all those things and often to get any of those things it comes at huge cost. For us to have food whenever we want people must starve in third world countries. for example, to keep costs down for coffee huge coffee companies will pay no more than the bare minimum for coffee grown by Ethiopians. I watched a documentary not too long ago called "Black Gold" about coffee. Within that documentary the Ethiopians said to the cameraman that for a kilo of coffee they could expect to get 12 U.S. cents. They then went on to say that on that price they couldnt properly sustain their families and that their villages were suffering. When asked what they thought could sustain their families they said around 56 U.S. cents and after they said if they wantd to start paying for community projects such as wells or schools $1.12 U.S. would suffice. However this is far beyond their reach. No major coffee company would pay such a ludacrious price for a kilo of coffee. so they starve. Because we expect our coffee to be a certain price and for it to be delivered straight to us another person must starve.

In our society feeling like you achieved something day to day is not a given. it was for our forefathers and it should be for us but it isn't. Mindnumbing labour is what we achieve daily. whether it be at school where we are indoctrinated or be it at work were we slave in jobs we hate. You can come home rewarded with the thought that at the end of this day not a thing you have done was something worth being proud of. Even better than that however is the knowledge tomorrow will be no better. In days past when we were nomadic you could go to sleep happy that you had perhpas created a hut succesfully trapped an animal created a tool or just gotten further towards a goal (perhaps travelling to a new land). Now we are lucky if we feel a sense of achievement about anything.

We lack freedom but becoming a vagrant offers you that again. Our forefathers had it right all their basic needs were fufilled. Only we, "civilised people", are dumb enough to think that we can improve on what we started with.


  1. I totally agree, I mean developed countries only have to shell out what, like 10% of their profit, I don't even know what they would need to loose but I'm sure it's marginal. Sometimes I really hate the world's state of affairs. People could do something about it if we work together, the more people the bigger an impact we could make.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  2. I think that a lot of people yearn to be free of their responsibilities and just live life, without specific aims, so you're right on the money in my eyes.

    I know I'd like to just live without worrying about work.

  3. That image was amazing, thanks so much for sharing

  4. You're being a bit dramatic about the achieving thing here. A lot of people are proud of what they do and not all of it is useless. The very thing that you can blog here requires a lot of "useless and boring" jobs.
    I usually feel proud of what I do, you just need to find the right thing for you to do.